D.C. native Jonathan Weiner studied photography and sculpture at the Corcoran College of Art and photography at Montgomery College. He also studied broadcast media at the University of Maryland and went on to earn a BA in art and media studies from De Montfort University in Leicester, England.

Before returning to university and earning a Master’s in Education from George Washington University, Jonathan worked in a variety of fields

Today Jonathan teaches art in Fairfax County Public Schools and continues to produce sculptures and photographs.

The Potomac Project is a selection of images from a three year long effort to chart the course of the Potomac River in photographs. Also known as “Our Nation’s River” the Potomac is a national treasure hidden in plain sight. The River’s beauty and complexity fades into the background amidst the fast paced urban environment of Washington D.C. and accompanying sprawling suburban landscape.

“Never have I beheld a larger or more beautiful river. The Thames seems a mere rivulet in comparison.” Declared Father Andrew White after reaching the mouth of the Potomac in 1634. What begins as a humble, muddy spring high in the Appalachian Mountains of Western Maryland meets the Chesapeake Bay as a mighty river ending a 380 mile journey; its banks nearly 11 miles apart.

The River’s waters carry a rich history of all that have lived near its banks but the river also has its own story to tell. Perhaps a largely unrecognized story. Perhaps some of it is told here.

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